10 Great E-Commerce Businesses You Can Start Now

If you’ve been thinking of starting a business on the web but you’re not sure what type of business to start then this article is for you. You could be wasting valuable time trying to make your first move. There are thousands of opportunities on the web and this article is meant to show you just a few great ideas that could help you get up and running with your very own e-commerce business.
The act of running a business over the Internet offers many rewards. For one, it dramatically reduces your startup and overhead costs while simultaneously expanding your target base. You literally have a global store when you operate an e-business.
Starting a business over the web isn’t free. However, the costs involved with starting these businesses don’t have to deter you. You could start an e-commerce business with as little as $500, possibly even less. Putting away a few dollars each week could get you at the $500 mark in no time. So let’s work from there. You can start any of the businesses I’ve mentioned below or you may even have some ideas of your own.

  1. Clothing retailer of all types
  2. Educational courses
  3. Diet and fitness information and products
  4. Web design templates
  5. DVDs and videos of all sorts
  6. Credit repair advisors
  7. Data entry services
  8. Web designers
  9. Telephone answering service
  10. Photography services, stock images

To reduce your start up costs with any of these businesses is really quite simple. It’s important to set up a strict budget and stick to it. That part may sound easy but many people make the mistake of spending money without accounting for it or continuously buying advertising without a set strategy.
If you don’t already have a computer, use a friend’s or visit your local library or Internet cafe. You can also buy used computers for less than $200. They will be outdated but you’ll still be able to log on to the Internet and create documents.
Some other suggestions on how to save money include using a web template until your business becomes more established. And remember, for your web development needs there are tons of free applications available. Check out http://sourceforge.net to get started adding more functionality to your site.
The above list is a great place to start if you’re thinking of starting a business over the web. They also are affordable and relatively simple to start. If you need additional information on any of these businesses a quick search on your favorite search engine will provide you with more information than you thought possible. Good luck!

Top 10 Tips To Start An Internet Cafe

An Internet café is a place where people, who do not have proper computer setups, visit to have access to a private computer for an allotted time. Every computer has an Internet connection, and the users have to pay charges to the café manager for the time spent on the computer. The size of an Internet café can vary from a small room having 10 computers to a huge room with a hundred computers.

We are living in a time when the Internet is the most powerful medium. Therefore, starting an Internet café is naturally one of the most lucrative businesses. Here are some basic tips if you are planning to start an Internet café business:

#1. Budget – The first thing to consider while setting up an Internet café is the budget. Even a small café with 10 computers, Internet connection, routers, and other basic accessories is heavy for a single wallet. It is advisable to take a loan from a bank or borrow money from friends.

#2. Location – The location can decide the success rate of your café. Therefore, you need to find an ideal place to set it up. School and college students are most frequent to Internet cafés. So, you should consider building the café near a school or a college. If that is not possible, then make sure the area has high foot traffic and less competitors around you.

#3. Style and Comfort – Buy comfortable chairs for the café room. Get some stylish items and use them to decorate the walls. You also need to make the lounge look attractive and inviting with stylish carpets and couches.

#4. Hardware – You should offer better facilities compared to your competitors. You should focus more on getting the best processors, Hard Disks, RAM cards and graphics cards. Do not waste too much money on headphones and other accessories.

#5. Software – You need to install necessary software in every computer for the customer registration and log-in. Ask the customers to carry their IDs every time they visit your café. Block the pages that have a risk of a virus attack. Buy good and reliable anti-virus software. Make sure to clear cookies and history at least once every day.

#6. Connection – You should always remember that a fast Internet connection is the USP of any Internet café. So, you should spare no expense in getting the fastest connection. Set up a Wi-Fi network, and check whether the router is working properly or not.

#7. Promotion – You need to create accounts for your café on popular social networking sites. Ask your customers to become followers. You can use these accounts to connect with your customers and let them know about upcoming events or offers. You can also organize a “game night” once a week. These activities will boost your popularity very quickly.

#8. Food – You can have a food counter inside your café. Include small and popular finger foods. Do not go for anything heavy. Add favorite items to your menu that are not available in other Internet cafés. You can also offer complementary coffees to regular customers. This will make your café famous and more preferable.

#9. Membership – Your customers must have the choice to become “elite” members. Provide them with membership benefits and discounts. In the long run, these memberships will give you a loyal customer base.

#10. Other services – Provide your customers with faxing, scanning and printing facilities. You can even sell blank CDs, DVDs and USB drives, as Internet users frequently need these accessories.